Speeding Up Your Analytics Value Journey

Taking Analytics Value Journey with existing Data & Analytics technologies is extremely manual & difficult. This is why, after thousands of Data & Analytics engagements, Big Squid built the Kraken platform. We have automated key steps, and built a platform for collaboration between the technology and business teams. It may feel like magic, but it really isn't. We just took years of learnings, and identified the best way to automate this journey."


Your Journey

Getting Started on

Big Squid’s team knows how to quickly diagnose where you are on your journey and how Kraken’s machine learning capabilities can be rolled out to provide immediate value, and get your on the path to forward-looking & more actionable insights. Learning more about our team and it’s approach.


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Our Team & Services

With thousands of data & analytics projects delivered, and collective decades of experience in the space, Big Squid brings the credibility and authority to real-world business challenges and business objectives to enable executives and stakeholders to optimize the business outcomes.

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