Automated Machine Learning for Businesses

Kraken is a next-generation machine learning platform that automates many steps of the Journey.  Take Our Approach of machine learning into your Data & Analytics investments.


Maximize Your Data & Analytics Investment

Kraken integrates with your existing data & analytics technology. From your data warehouse to your data visualization tools, Kraken adds the power of machine learning to every component.


Enhance & Scale Your Team

With Kraken, your valuable Data Scientist resources can now scale across more members of the data & analytics team. Kraken enables your existing data analyst team to become Citizen Data Scientist, and apply a variety of models. All this while providing a way for your limited Data Scientist resources to collaborate, mentor and curate more insights at levels never possible before.


Operationalize Machine Learning Insights

Kraken brings the power of machine learning to the front lines of your business. Whether by enhancing your existing BI visualizations with more proactive insights, or by providing frontline decision tools to your team - Prescriptive & proactive action with AI is now possible.


Enhancing your BI Investment

Decision Bots

Rolling out insights with BI tools isn’t easy, and is often underutilized since the insights are typically backwards looking. Now, with Kraken, you can make your BI insights forward-looking and actionable as your BI tool becomes a daily guide to the day.

When a standard BI solution isn’t enough, Kraken enables the rollout of more interactive and action-based decision tools. Provide tightly-defined “what-if” tools or simple “do this instead of that” insights based on next-gen AI.


Enhance Analytics Collaboration with Kraken

Kraken adds the power of machine learning to the planning & action plans for your biggest business initiatives. Now your Data Scientists, Business Analysts, and Business Decision Makers can all collaborate around adding the power of Machine Learning to making smarter decisions with your data.

Automated Machine Learning is Here

Kraken automates the selection of the right family of algorithms, as well as the scoring of the various models produced with your data. It also streamlines and automates your pipeline within your existing Data & Analytics tech stack.


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